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Hi! September 29, 2007

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hi! My name is laura glover. I am a freshman this year at NACC and a presidental host, and i love it! I graduated in 2007 from Plainview High School. I live in Rainsville Alabama and I have two sisters. I have alot of friends and I’ve met a lot of new people here at NACC. So..whenever you get the chance to pick your college if you haven’t already, you should so come here! It is a beautiful campus full of great people! Well, my time for today is up but i hope you have enjoyed my introduction! If you have any questions feel free to email at  and ask me! I hope you have a great week!


One Response to “Hi!”

  1. Constance Loudermilk Says:

    hi, i was a student in 2004-2006. the website has changed and i’m not sure where to go in order to see my grades and things like that. i was just wondering if u wouldn’t mind telling how i may do so. thank you so much for your time!!! i have been married and had a baby and i’m out of practice on a computer and the whole college thing!! haha!! thanks again.

    Constance Loudermilk

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